Top Skin Care. GQ Hollywood Way!

Skin care is one part of your life, that you should not cut corners. Depending what part of The World you live in. And in my case, Sunny So. Cal. Great skin care, is a key. And one should do the research, and ask questions.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. Found in Seporha. The Facial treatment Experience, is 90% Pitrea, leaving your face beautiful, glowing and healthy. 
Creamy eye treatment with Avocado. Found inNordstrom.  This will help under your eyes, for puffiness and dark shadows. Avocado lovers rejoice!

Cost, can be a look see. But a trip to a dermatologist, even more. Look Great, Feel Great. Be Bold and Unforgettable. The GQ Hollywood Way!

GQHollywood! The Fashion of Fitness.

The Fashion Of Fitness
To be Fashionable towards a fit and healthy life. Starts and stays with the basics.

1. Eat right and not out of sight. Meaning do the fives daily. The veggies the fruits.

Sounds boring, yet an investment into a clean lifestyle, will keep you from paying through the 

Pain, at a Doctors Office.
Like winning a marathon or finishing one. Starts and breathes through the basics of

Fundamentals. If one stays on this path, one will be looking darn and damn good

Some miles down the road.
2. Sleep. There is nothing wrong with a fast pace life. Yet, at times it is good to unplug 

and charge up with some solid rest.
3. After you’ve got the spice and routine down of steps one and two. Let’s head for a workout.

Stretch first for no less than 15 minutes. Go slow at first, then build up your mental

Then physical workout jointly. And keep the ego locked in your locker. 

Every gym, has a showboat. Either grunting over weights or living on

A treadmill. 

This is your design of your fitness.
And if one can afford a personal trainer. Workout your growing pace over time.
4. And our fourth step in the ole C. All of the above. Be cool, strong

And live above your circumstances.

The Expression,The Perfect Look

GQ Hollywood The Fashionable Blogger 
Top Ways For That Perfect Look

1. Yoga. Be within your limits,but do challenge yourself to stretch beyond your goals.

Do Yoga Stretches in the Morning and Mid afternoon break. Evening time meditate to your taste of music.

2. Eat Great . The Fives,daily with Vegetables and Fruits 

Do your own research of what is essential for your body and mind, along with a proven Doctor.

Not a bar stool professional.

3. Treat yourself daily. Away from your responsibilities, from window shopping to a quiet lunch. With the cell phone out of your hand.